10 Reasons for Divorce

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There can be many different factors that might cause a person to divorce a spouse, but the most frequently cited reasons are usually related to communication problems that create distance between the parties and result in a lack of intimacy. The most common communication problems that create stress in a marriage are usually related to finances and sex.

One of the most common causes of divorce is money. When couples fail to agree on finances in a marriage, like credit cards and spending habits, it can cause a rift in the relationship that is often hard to repair. If one spouse feels they are pulling their weight and the other doesn’t see it that way, feelings of resentment can quickly arise. It won’t be long before there are real problems in a marriage if one spouse feels they are unfairly bearing the weight of all the financial responsibilities. Mutual agreements about finances made prior to entering into a marriage can ensure more open communication in the future and a longer lasting relationship overall. If a couple has worked out their financial goals and responsibilities are before marriage, there will be fewer surprises after they are married. No matter how strong a relationship between people is, it takes money to live in this world and a lack of money or misunderstandings about money can wreck a marriage in a hurry.

Infidelity can be the kiss of death for many marriages. Infidelity is commonly cited as the marriage fault that causes the most irreconcilable differences resulting in a divorce. Some couples can work through an infidelity experience, others may allow it as part of an open relationship, but for many, infidelity causes a permanent breakdown in communication between spouses that can never be repaired. Some people downplay the importance of physical intimacy in a marriage, claiming it is not as important as emotional or spiritual bonding, but the divorce statistics show that marital dissatisfaction due to a lack of physical or sexual intimacy is by far the more common source of discord. Some physical intimacy problems may be medical in nature, but most are related to a lack of arousal or desire on the part of one partner. A lack of satisfaction in the bedroom left unresolved can escalate to tension in the marriage at the very least, and a divorce in the long run. Sexuality is a cornerstone of most normal relationships, and without it, marriages will fail.

Many people tend to take it for granted that their spouse and marriage will always be there. If problems concerning money and sexual intimacy are ignored in a relationship, the chances are good that the marriage will soon be in serious trouble.

10 Leading Reasons for Divorce:

  1.     Financial problems
  2.     Infidelity and adultery
  3.     Failed or different expectations
  4.     Physical or emotional abuse
  5.     Changes in priorities
  6.     Lack of commitment
  7.     Addictions
  8.     Intellectual incompatibility
  9.     Cultural differences
  10.     In-Laws


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