43 Million Is Not Enough

Aug 8, 2012 by

Marie Douglas-David, a 36-year-old Swedish countess says $43 million isn’t enough of a divorce settlement. She wants $100 million from her 67-year-old husband  of only six years, George David.

David, Chairman of United Technologies Corp, is worth an estimated $300 million but his estranged wife says she has no assets and no job since she quit her position to become his wife. Her basis for asking for the exorbitant amount? Douglas-David says she spends in one week what the average American makes in one year. She claims expenses such as mortgage and rent for several properties totally $27,300 a week, $4,500 for clothing, oh and let’s not forget the $600 in flowers that she MUST have in order to survive.

Sure she’s entitled to her fair share, but is asking for one third of her ex-husbands worth based on six years of marriage? That seems a little out of line.

Read more about the case at USAToday.


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