After a Divorce Articles

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Your divorce may seem like an endless task, but eventually it does come to an end, and you will have to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. Recovering from the stress generated by a divorce is critical to creating a new and happier future for you and your family. You will have to learn to return to single life, budget with less money and possibly return to the workforce after a long absence. Time is on your side in the process of recovery though, and eventually things will get better if you can maintain a positive focus while rebuilding your life. The end of your divorce should be the beginning of your new life. You can get started on the road to divorce recovery right now with the advice and tips presented here in our resources.

After a Divorce Articles

Divorce Filing
One spouse must file a petition with the divorce court even if both parties agree to get divorced.

Divorce Rate
Some states don’t gather divorce statistics at all and leave the task up to their internal county governments.

Divorce Family
The divorce experience, even a mutually agreed one, wears away at the fundamental unit of American society, the family.

Divorce Settlement
Divorce settlements cover the division of property and the court’s assignment of ongoing responsibilities concerning issues such as custody, visitation, and support.

Divorce Support
If you will take the time to face the real difficulties of your divorce and work through them using the support resources available to you, a new life filled with joy and happiness can be yours.

Divorce Records
The court procedures for filing divorce records depend on the individual state the divorce takes place in.

It is important to seek the company of people who have already learned how to move ahead with their lives after their divorces.

Fast Facts: About Palimony
Though not a legal term, it is used to refer to a divorce-like settlement between two unmarried parties who have been living together.

Fast Facts: Grandparents’ Rights
Grandparents have rights in all states to be granted visitation or even custody of their grandchildren.

Fast Facts: Alimony
Alimony is money that is traditionally paid to the lower income spouse to help out with their cost of living.

Sharing the Kids
No matter how you feel about your spouse, it has to be about what’s best for the children.

Starting Over
Although everyone’s journey is unique, there are common problems and, fortunately, successful methods for handling them.

After the Divorce: A Woman’s Guide to Dating
As you’re getting back into the dating world then the most important advice you can heed is to take all advice with a grain of salt.

Divorce Custody
Court-ordered custody arrangements are based on various factors in the household and how they affect the children.

What is Spousal Support?

Spousal support refers to the practice of one member of the marriage regularly providing support for another after a divorce. Also referred to as alimony, spousal support is only paid in about ten percent of all instances of divorce.

Connecting the Dots: Alcohol, Drugs, Divorce
Up to 30% of divorce cases are either directly or indirectly related to a spouse’s alcohol or drug abuse, yet rarely does one come across any information about this all too common problem.

Connecting the Dots: Alcohol, Drugs, Divorce, Part II
Alcohol and drug abuse are a big problem in both marriages and divorces where children are concerned and recognizing the problem is the first step in solving it.

I Haven’t Worked in Years ““ Will I Get Spousal Support?
These days it just as likely that the woman will be supporting her ex post-divorce and the process is now more often referred to as ‘spousal support’ or ‘maintenance’ and generally accomplished with civility and at least a modicum of goodwill.

Domestic Violence: What Everyone Needs to Know
When adults are involved in domestic violence, it can result in set backs in their careers, losing their homes, and ripping apart their families, not to mention the physical and emotional tolls that result.

Step Families & Divorce
The challenges created by step situations can be confusing and hard to navigate at the very least.

Types of Child Custody
The court can order combinations of different types of custody to be applied together.

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