Can you get an annullment after 4 months of getting married? GA

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Can you get an annullment after 4 months of getting married? (GA)



Most likely not. Annulments are fairly rare and are not granted very often except in unusual circumstances. You would have to show that the marriage was invalid due to one of the following: you and your spouse are related, you lacked the mental capacity to enter into a contract of marriage, you were under the age of 16 when you married, you were forced into marriage, you were fraudulently induced to marry, or your spouse was already married when you entered into the marriage. If you don’t fall into one of those categories it will be very difficult to get an annulment. In your case it will probably be easier to get a standard divorce. – The Team Wendy Jaffe and can only provide general information about divorce. DO NOT RELY ON MS. JAFFE’S ADVICE ALONE. Before acting on information provided by Ms. Jaffe or by, talk to an attorney first about your particular facts and the law of your state. By submitting your question to, you are not creating an attorney/client relationship with Ms. Jaffe or with any of the other attorneys listed on this site.


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