How much time after getting married do you have to get an annulment?

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How much time after getting married do you have to get an annulment?



None. A legal marriage is never annulled no matter how brief the length. Annulments are imposed only upon marriages that are void or voidable, and should never have happened in the first place. In other words, a marriage that was not legal. That is the only type of union that annulments are applied to. Annulments are called into use if a person was not of legal age at the time of marriage, or perhaps they married someone who was already married (that’s bigamy and it’s illegal) or maybe they married a blood relative. All of those conditions would make a marriage void and an annulment would be granted. For example – If you got married on a Saturday and woke up the following Monday morning and found that you “made a mistake” and neither person actually wanted to be married…well, you’d have to get a divorce, not an annulment. If the marriage was valid and legal it doesn’t matter how long it “lasts,” you’d still have to get a divorce. An annulment would not be granted because the original marriage was valid. In order to be annulled your marriage must meet one of several very specific conditions as set down by the state you live in. Check out the annulment laws in Missouri and you will see the specific conditions the state allows to qualify for an annulment. – The Team

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