Census: Longer Marriages

Aug 8, 2012 by

According to recently released data from the recent U.S. Census, people in the United States are staying married longer. The Census figures indicate that 72% of married couples currently consist of two spouses in their first marriage. Only 6% of married couples have wives in their second marriage and husband in their first, and only 8% of married couples have a husband in his second marriage and a wife in her first. Just 1% of married couples consist of spouses married three or more times Furthermore, more than 50% of currently married couples have been married at least 15 years and 35% have been married at least 25 years. The numbers mark a definite increase in since the last U.S. Census in 1996.

The recent Census numbers seem to show that high rate of divorce in the nation is leveling off and might even be decreasing in some areas. The Census reports show that of the first marriages that eventually ended in divorce, most lasted eight years for both men and women and the time from marriage to separation was about seven years. That numbers show that the incidence of divorce seems to be on a downward trend as more couples are living longer and staying together as married couples longer too.

One factor that might be contributing to the trend toward longer marriages might be that more couples are simply waiting a longer period of time before they get married. The Census figures show that women 25 and older, most had married, and the same went for men who were over 30. This means most of those couples are at least in their late 20s and by that age people have more life experience e better able to deal with a relationship. There is also some validity to the fact that more couples living together prior to getting married is another contributor to longer marriages.

Regardless of the exact cause, a trend toward longer marriages equals fewer divorces and that is always a good thing for society. Healthy marriages lead to healthy individuals and a higher quality of life for everyone involved.


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