What percentage of my husbands income would he pay for child support?

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What percentage of my husband’s income would he have to pay for child support?



Child support in Texas can be estimated fairly accurately using any one of a number of “calculators.” They can be found easily enough with an online search. Basically, they all total up existing household incomes and expenses to come up with a base subtotal figure. The amount of child support is then figured as a percentage of the subtotal.

The percentages (mostly) fall into these ranges: 1 child = 20%, 2 children = 25%, 3 children = 30%, 4 children = 35% and 5 or more kids = 40% of the subtotal.

You can find a Texas child support calculator online at most county websites in the state. Here is one for Travis County that you may find useful in computing your subtotal = http://www.co.travis.tx.us/records_communication/law_library/pdfs/calculator.pdf

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