Children of Divorce Get Help in Florida

Aug 8, 2012 by

It’s no secret that children are negatively impacted by the break-up of a family. Divorce is always a huge headache for most couples, but the experience can be even worse on the children in the home. Many states offer support resources including legal and financial assistance for divorcing parents, and therapy or counseling for the whole family after the divorce is final. But very few states provide any assistance or guidance for the dependants during a divorce unless there are specific allegations of abuse or neglect. The rights and needs of children in “normal” divorcing families are often overlooked entirely.

The state of Florida has recognized that the needs and rights of children are often neglected during divorce proceedings and has taken a unique step to address the problem. Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed a new bill into state law on May 2nd that will allow county courts within Florida to enable certified Guardian ad Litem volunteers to represent children involved in divorces. The bill allows volunteer legal guardians to look after the rights of minors caught up in divorces beyond the standard court protections afforded kids who come from homes where they are threatened by abusive or neglectful parents. Children from non-abusive situations will now have legal advocates looking after their interests in court and at home before their parent’s divorce has been finalized. The bill will become Florida law on July 1st of this year.

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