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People get divorced for a lot of different reasons, and any type of outside pressure on a marriage that becomes too large to handle can cause rifts in even the most stable relationships. Whatever the pressures on a marriage, it seems that underlying communication problems will magnify the relationship problems and create distance between spouses that ultimately results in a lack of intimacy. When it comes to direct causes, it seems the communication problems that create the most stress in a marriage are usually related to money and sex.

Money problems can definitely take a toll on a marriage. If a couple cannot agree on how to handle the finances in a marriage, like credit cards and overall spending habits, it can cause a rift in a relationship that is difficult to repair. When one spouse feels they are pulling more than their fair share of the weight and the other spouse is not, feelings of resentment will not be far behind. It can create real problems in a marriage if one spouse feels they are unfairly bearing the weight of all the financial responsibilities. It helps if agreements about finances are made prior to entering into a marriage, and it helps ensure more open communication in the future and a longer lasting relationship overall. When a couple can determine their mutual financial goals and responsibilities before they enter into marriage, there will be fewer surprises later on. No matter how strong a relationship a couple has, everyone needs money to exist in this world and a lack of money or general misunderstandings about finances can tear a marriage apart.

Even when money is not a problem, infidelity in a marriage can be terminal. Infidelity is often cited as the marriage fault that causes the most irreconcilable differences resulting in a divorce. Sometime a couple can work through an infidelity experience, but for couples infidelity causes a permanent breakdown in communication between spouses that can not be restored. Although some people might downplay the importance of physical intimacy in a marriage and declare it is not as important as emotional or spiritual bonding, divorce statistics confirm that marital dissatisfaction due to a lack of physical or sexual intimacy is a common source of dissatisfaction. While some physical intimacy problems may be due to medical issues, many more are related to a lack of arousal or desire on the part of one spouse. Dissatisfaction in the bedroom will often escalate to tension in the marriage that causes an eventual divorce. The statistics show that sexuality is a cornerstone in most normal relationships, and problems in that area will all too often cause a marriage to fail.

After a number of years many people might take it for granted that their spouse and marriage will always be solid. However, when problems concerning money and sexual intimacy are ignored in a relationship, there’s a good chance that any marriage could run into serious trouble down the road.

Common Factors Leading to Communication Problems:

“¢    Financial problems
“¢    Infidelity
“¢    Unrealistic expectations
“¢    Physical or emotional abuse
“¢    Different priorities
“¢    Addictions
“¢    Cultural differences
“¢    In-Laws & Relatives


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