Compatibility Before Marriage

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The British family law firm of Bross Bennet is making news lately after urging young couples to take a compatibility test before getting married in an effort to stem the rising tide of divorce in that nation. The test targets hot button relationship issues including finances, family ties, children and general goals. Bross Bennett is one of the largest and most experienced family and divorce law solicitors in London and headed by the specialist team of divorce lawyers, Ruth Bross and Sharon Bennett

Partner Ruth Bross likened the compatibility test to marriage research and said “No employer would offer someone a job without considering their suitability for that position and neither should a couple embark on a lifelong commitment without doing their research.” Unhappy couples will have to address the contentious issues if and when their marriage ultimately breaks down, and addressing them up front could prevent a lot of heartache down the road.

The law firm began recommending client couple take the compatibility test after another study recently revealed that January is usually Britain’s busiest month for divorce. “There is little point in building a future with someone if they are not prepared to be truthful,” said Bross. The Bross Bennett test includes questions about sharing real property and assets, relationships with extended family and friends, whether or not to have children, what religious views they have, and career goals for both spouses.

If more couples could share their secrets, come clean about addictions, give details of their former partners and start making life decisions before getting married or living together, more new marriages would survive and more couples would avoid pain of divorce

The ten major relationship issues covered in the Bross Bennet Compatibility Test are Finances, Family Ties, Children, Religion, Leisure, Lifestyle, Spending, Work, Roles, and Honesty. You don’t have to wait to take the test to start working on these areas in your own relationship today though. When it comes to honesty in a relationship, you can’t start too soon.


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