How do we settle our debt?

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We have a house with a $78,000 owed on and a Visa bill of $15,000. Almost everything is in his name only, I sold my land where we did live and I have money tied in this place too, plus I help pay bills. What should I do? He has told me he would settle with me of half of the Visa bill of 4000.00 and I let him keep the house – but I feel I’m losing everything I help put in it.



While we cannot tell you what you should do, we can advise you to get an attorney. It sounds like there is an attempt to perhaps get you to pay for more than your fair share of things. If there is any way you can afford to at least consult with a lawyer to see what your rights and options are, it would probably be money well spent in this instance. Being fair does not mean being taken advantage of. It sounds like you have made agreements that are not being kept and it might be time to determine what your legal rights are. – The Team

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