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I was divorced 5 years ago. Nothing was said in the agreement about putting the house in my name(we have a joint loan) or changing the utilities. I received child support for our five children but still could not make ends meet even with a job myself. My credit suffered. He wanted to decrease the support earlier this year and we agreed, mostly because I could not afford to go to court. He added in the agreement that I would get the house refinanced in my name and change the utilities. I told him I would sign but he would have to give me time due to my money situation and he agreed. I have been trying to build my credit but it is hard in these times, he now says he will give me to the end of the year. Is there anything I can do. This man has a wife and great job. He bought a new truck, rented property to hunt on for $1500, bought an ATV and trailer. My kids get financial aid for school because my total income even with support is so low. Is there anything I can do???



Go back to court as soon as possible and ask for a modification of the support agreement(s). You will need to present your case and show that your requests are justified. If the court agrees, they will make the necessary changes. A lawyer would be a good thing to have on your side in this instance since it sounds like your ex has the resources to try and stop you.

If you can’t afford an attorney, contact the Indiana Justice Center where they provide free legal services to qualifying persons with low-income at:

Or try:

242 W. 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
Voice: (812) 339-7668
Voice: (800) 822-4774 (toll free)

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