Dissolution of Marriage

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What is a Dissolution of Marriage?

Dissolution of Marriage and Divorce are often used interchangeably but this is not true in all states. A dissolution can be done only if both parties agree to end the marriage with no fault put on either party. If either spouse wishes to contest the break-up, the other party must file for divorce and not a dissolution.

How Do I Get a Dissolution of Marriage?

It all begins with a separation agreement. You and your spouse must put down in writing your plans for distribution of your assets and how your children will be carried for. This document is given to the court as a request to end the marriage. The court will set a hearing date and if everything seems fair and legal, a judge will grant the dissolution.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get a Dissolution of Marriage?

You aren’t required to have a lawyer but it’s a good idea since the laws vary from state-to-state and you will be required to prepare legal documents and appear in court.

Why Would I Want a Dissolution and Not a Divorce?

In states that see them as two different actions, a dissolution is the calmer, easier route. It’s basically a no-fault divorce so you won’t be required to air your private differences in public court.

Will I Still Get Child Support and Alimony?

The court will see to it that you recieve what you’re entitled to but it needs to be agreed up before petitioning the judge.


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