What if my spouse refuses to give me a divorce and I want to remarry?

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What if my spouse refuses to give me a divorce? I want to remarry. I am in California.



The grounds for divorce in California are incurable insanity or irreconcilable differences which have caused a breakdown of the marriage. In your case, it sounds like you’ll have to go for the latter and file for divorce based on your obvious differences since your spouse will not agree. Your spouse cannot prevent you from obtaining a divorce. – The Divorce.com Team Wendy Jaffe and Divorce.com can only provide general information about divorce. DO NOT RELY ON MS. JAFFE’S ADVICE ALONE. Before acting on information provided by Ms. Jaffe or by Divorce.com, talk to an attorney first about your particular facts and the law of your state. By submitting your question to Divorce.com, you are not creating an attorney/client relationship with Ms. Jaffe or with any of the other attorneys listed on this site.

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