Can a man still get a divorce if his wife doesn’t?

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Can a man still get a divorce if his wife does not? And how would he go about doing it?




A man can get a divorce anytime, even in Texas, but it would be hard to complete one without the wife’s participation. If you are talking about the wife not wanting a divorce and the husband does want one, that is another matter. If the woman does not want a divorce and will not agree to it, it will be impossible to complete a simple, uncontested process. More likely it would be a contested, at-fault action that will not be quick or easy. When spouses cannot communicate with each other to work out divorce agreements between them, lawyers are the usual beneficiaries, and every argument has a price tag attached to it. You can file and complete your own divorce in Texas, but it would obviously be easier with the help of an attorney on your side. Marriages (and impending divorces) where one party wants to split up and one does not, are often good candidates for counseling or mediation before going through with an actual divorce process. You might want to check with your state or county government and see what they offer in the way of family “help” resources as well. – The Team

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