I want to file for divorce. Do i need to know where he is?

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My husband left me in April of this year. I want to file for divorce,do i need to know where he is?



You do not absolutely need to know where he is. The court will require you to try to serve notice of the petition to divorce on him by traditional service such as by Certified Mail or by professional process server. However, if he cannot be located at all, the court will likely allow you to post notice of the petition in a local newspaper for a specified length of time. That will fulfill the notice of service requirement and your divorce can then proceed even if your spouse does not respond at all. The notice and the wording are all standard items that your local clerk of the county court should be able to show you how to complete. Process service companies can be found in the Yellow Pages and they can also guide you along. – The Divorce.com Team

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