How do go about getting a divorce in the state of Alabama?

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How do go about getting a divorce in the state of Alabama? I just moved here to Mississippi since august 4-2009 and i met my husband 1 month 1/2 after that. we married in laurel mississippi with a license from Alabama but after a week the marriage was not valid because we could only marry in Alabama. we made it legal the next day. i am still married but looking forward to a divorce because: my spouse refuses to stop arguing, fuses about everything, refuses to keep his hands to himself, has a nasty temper problem and so forth. i am being abused, and that;s why i need out.



It doesn’t matter where you got married, divorce laws are governed by the state where you live now, where ever that is. A legal marriage is a valid in all states and you can obtain a divorce in any state as a result. You just need to be a resident of the state you file in. In your case, you need to be a resident of Alabama for at least six months to file for divorce. You would also have to be a resident of Mississippi for six months to file for divorce back there. In either case, it sounds like you have some time to wait before you can file, but you can start gathering and preparing your documents now. – The Team

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