I have not seen my husband since 1979 and I want to get Divorced.

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My story is very unusual, I got married back in 1979 when I was 21 and since then I moved on with my life WITHOUT the person I married. I have not seen him since that date but never got divorced (legally). I have no idea where he is or even if he is alive, it has been 30 plus years and I am in need of legally removing this from my record as I am getting ready to marry the love of my life and I want it to be totally legally and moraly correct. We were married in Las Vegas, Nevada and he used a fake name….can you understand how I need help? It actually has to do with my Christian beliefs, I am dying and I do not want to be bound with a person I dont like or love in Heaven, please dont laugh at me for I am serious! I need to do this by the laws of the land.



Don’t worry so much, your situation is not that unusual. You’d be surprised by how many people are married to someone they haven’t seen in years. You can file for a simple, uncontested, no-fault divorce in California at any time. Since your spouse cannot be located due to the false name, you will likely have to publish notice in a local paper and that will satisfy the court. Check with the clerk of the court in your county or you can go online and purchase the forms you’ll need. Your divorce will probably be easier than you think. – The Divorce.com Team

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