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Recent statistics show that the state of Florida and in particular, Panama City, Florida leads the nation in the number of annual divorces. After examining the statistics for the number of divorced people reported to be in each city, the totals were compared to the number of people divorcing in 2009 and a clear list of the top 50 capital cities for divorce emerged. The top 50 list was created by the Daily Beast website, that crunched the numbers to come up with the rankings.

The entire Daily Beast list is quite interesting and the results are not what one would usually expect. The major urban areas one might think would most be associated with divorce, like Los Angeles and New York City, don’t really rank very high. The list seems to be populated with small to medium-size U.S. cities and towns. The top areas for divorce are also spread across the nation and not really concentrated in any one area.

The reason Panama City, Florida topped the list was a divorce rate of 15.5 % that was the highest recorded. Florida also had four cities in the top ten and 11 cities in the state made the top 50.

Florida has some of the most lenient divorce laws in the nation making it one of the easiest states’s to get divorced in. Add to that the fact that many people go to Florida because of the beaches and also for opportunities and jobs that might not be there in a depressed economy. Panama City is a party town that has been hit hard economically and with infidelity and financial problems both being main contributors to divorce, it is no wonder the city ranks at the very top of the list. With a relatively small overall population of just over 800,000, Panama City sees a lot of annual divorce filings. Nearly one thousand people filed for divorce in city in 2008, 1066 in 2009 and over 900 had already filed by October of 2010.

Anyone interested in divorce statistics should probably check out the entire list of top 50 divorce capitals at the Daily Beast to see if your own city made the list, but as a preview, the top ten cities in the U.S. for divorce are Panama City, Florida, Sierra Vista, Arizona, Charleston, West Virginia, Medford, Oregon, Reno, Nevada, Deltona, Florida, Pueblo, Colorado, Palm Bay, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida and Grand Junction, Colorado.



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