Divorce Cases Rise Along with Economic Recovery

Aug 8, 2012 by

As the economy is starting to rise up out of the global economic recession, the number of new divorce filings is rising too. After two years of recession in which many less than happy couples opted to stay together because they couldn’t afford the cost of splitting up, those couples now seem to be able to afford getting divorced.

Although the turnaround has been slow, many county courts in the U.S. have seen a surge in divorce filings this summer. The trend is more evident in the UK however, where the courts have reported a six percent increase in the number of new divorce filings in just the last three months. The popular UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, reported that the number of new divorce filings had risen from 28,500 cases to over 30,500 in that period alone. Prior to the recent turnaround, new divorce filings from the height of the recession in 2008 in the UK were nearly at the same low level they were in 1975, with around 120,000 total divorces reported in England and Wales. In comparison, prior to the recession there were 128,232 divorces filed in 2007.

The economic upturn, after two years of recession, means increased job security and more confidence that real estate values are stable. Both are factors that could persuade couples to go through with a divorce. The increase in filings could also mean that couples in shaky marriages might be speeding up the process of separation to take advantage of current economic improvements. Whatever the exact reason, it appears that when people have more financial security, they are more willing to spend money to get divorced.


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