Divorce Coaching

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What is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach, like a life or career coach is a neutral person who can help guide you through the personal challenges that come along with getting a divorce.

Can my Divorce Coach be My Lawyer?

No. A divorce coach is not a divorce attorney. Her function is to help you with the mental and emotional issues that accompany divorce litigation.

So a Divorce Coach is a Therapist.

In a way, but unlike a traditional therapist, they aren’t looking for the underlying cause of your problem, there is nothing clinical about divorce coaching.

What does a Divorce Coach Do?

A divorce coach is there to help you make and achieve your goals, goals in this case, with regard to your divorce. They can help you sort out your divorce paperwork and financial issues, give your resources to cope with the emotional upheaval, and most importantly, they’ll keep you moving forward toward that better day.

Do I Need a Divorce Coach?

No one has to have a divorce coach in order to get a divorce, but you’ll need one if you’re working with the newcollabortative divorce program. Even if you’re using a more traditional method of divorce, a divorce coach can help you keep your life running smoothly during this troubling time so you may find, for that alone, a divorce coach is worth the cost and effort.


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