Divorce Court

DIVORCE COURT is not your typical courtroom show. With each 30 minute episode, you’ll find powerful human drama, suspense and a resolution – making for a compelling 30 minutes of Television. Each half-hour show features real people and real stories delivered by couples who have either already filed for divorce or have been living together, including same sex partnerships, and have been in committed relationships. Judge Lynn Toler’s decisions are legally binding. Unlike the other court shows that settle disputes over goods and services.

DIVORCE COURT helps litigants deal with the strongest, rawest human emotions at a time of greatest stress and difficulty. Judge Lynn is different. Judge Lynn does more than simply deliver legal judgments. She deals with issues of consequence and dispenses advice, compassion, outrage, and common sense that leave most couples feeling consoled and more complete than when they entered the courtroom. She hands them a road map for proceeding with the rest of their lives.

Divorce Court is filmed in Los Angeles. If you are interested in being a show participant or audience member, find out how at be on Divorce Court.

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Judge Lynn Toler has published two books, most recently is My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius.

Excerpt from My Mother’s Rule:

Watch your Superlatives:
You can talk yourself in and out of all kinds of moods without ever meaning to do it. Listen to yourself some time when you speak and pay attention to the kind of words you use. Examine your working vocabulary for evidence of the extreme. Plow through all your daily commentary for unnecessary value judgments and negative assumptions.