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Everyone needs to take a day off now and then. Even the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, recently told a reporter that her national security team is working “24/7, 364 days a year” to protect the country. That leaves just the one, 365th day, for her department to take off from the pressure and stress of work. Just like Janet’s department, people who are going through a divorce proceeding could benefit from taking a day off too. Not just any old day though, people going through a divorce need to specifically take Christmas Day off, at least that’s the suggestion put forth by a reporter in the Toronto Sun newspaper in Canada.

In her article, “Putting divorce aside for a day – Separated parents would be well-advised to celebrate the holidays together with their kids,” Kristy Brownlee points out most professional divorce counselors agree that if Christmas Day can be spent together as a family, it is generally better for everyone involved and especially for the kids. It certainly won’t kill anyone if people who are going through, or have just gone through a divorce can put their disagreements aside and spend the holiday together for their kids’ sake.

The report goes on to point out that unconventional family gatherings are becoming more frequent and if people think they can handle their ex-spouse for a day, that day should be Christmas. Instead of petitioning the court for child custody over the holidays or arguing with an ex over who will host the kids, parents who can get together on Christmas can negate lot of the holiday hassles by simply spending that one day together as a family again. Parents don’t necessarily need to spend the entire 12-hour day together. If the company of an ex-spouse is just too difficult to handle, even just a few hours spent together on Christmas Day can be beneficial. Parents with very young children may need to explain the fact that only one day will be shared though, as it wouldn’t be fair to allow the kids to get the impression their parents were getting back together permanently again.

Christmas time may be focused on traditions, but it can also be a good time to start a new tradition based on parental cooperation for the holidays, and spending Christmas with your ex-spouse and kids is probably a lot more fun than spending it alone would be.


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