Can I get the divorce decree prior to the property settlement?

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I have been separated for 1.5 yrs. My ex is dragging it out to get support. Can I get the divorce decreed prior to the property settlement. I would like to file as single this year as he committed tax fraud last year and I am going to have to deal with an audit because we are still ‘officially’ married. I filed no fault despite the fact he was abusive. Can I change this to fault and if so will it speed the procedeedings. Thankyou for the help



You can ask the court to throw out the first divorce action and start another if you like but you will still probably have to wait until the terms of the divorce agreement are settled before any property is split up. You can change to a “fault” based grounds for your divorce but it may cost you more money to start over again. And it may not be any faster in the long run. It sounds like you would benefit from consulting an attorney on this if your spouse is dragging his feet in order to collect support. You may have other options under Pennsylvania laws. – The Team

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