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Sometimes people rush into a divorce, and other times people wait entirely too long before taking steps to end a bad marriage. Rushing into divorce presents its own problems, but postponing divorce in a bitterly failed relationship can literally be dangerous when a fed-up spouse finally explodes in anger after years of brooding. Such was the case in Florida recently when Ft. Lauderdale-area resident Tamara Strulovici decided rather urgently that her husband needed to sign some divorce paperwork.
Apparently Ms. Strulovici felt the matter was so urgent that she decided to really get her point across to her husband by holding a knife to his throat and demanding that he sign the paperwork. Although Ft. Lauderdale prosecutors dropped an attempted murder charge against Tamara Strulovici, she did receive a sentence of three years probation after she pleaded no contest to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Strulovici spoke through a Russian interpreter in court to say that she was not sure if she and her husband, James Little, were still legally married. Strulovici was quoted in the local newspapers as saying “I heard the rumors that he did apply for divorce, but I don’t do that because I don’t have any money.” Strulovici did not deny that she had approached her husband from behind to put a knife to his throat, while she made her demands and then proceeded to slash the fingers on his left hand, according to a statement from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Sandra Perlman thought probation was appropriate in the case and ordered that the defendant have no further contact with Little in the future. Strulovici’s lawyer Frank Prieto said his client would not have a problem with staying away from Mr. Little because “”He lives out of state and she has no interest of ever having contact with him.”  If anything, the incident points to the importance of maintaining good communication in marriage and if your spouse wants you to sign some papers, watch your back as you slowly ease out of the room.


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