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Post divorce counseling and therapy has long been utilized to help people make the often difficult transition to suddenly being single again after years of marriage. Sometimes the therapy works and sometimes it doesn’t, with many ex-spouses experiencing years of depression after a divorce. Two therapists in the Los Angeles area recognized the widespread difficulty of dealing with divorce among their clients and decided to address the problem in a different and better way. Co-founders Allison Pescosolido, M.A. and Andra Brosh, Ph.D. came up with Divorce Detox, a “comprehensive divorce recovery program that aids its clients in the process of healing the complications and emotional traumas of divorce.”

Pescosolido and Brosh say they are committed to providing the best divorce recovery program in the country and recognize that real recovery is rarely successful without assistance from trained professionals. Their Divorce Detox program is designed to give clients renewed opportunities for personal growth and a happier post divorce life overall.
Without professional treatment, a divorce can leave a person in a personal limbo where the untreated anxiety, guilt and depression can create physical health as well. Divorce Detox gives them a new perspective and hopefully a better future.

Divorce Detox believes traditional divorce support groups are helpful, but can focus on the past too much. Divorce Detox workshops and sessions are said to be more proactive and combine both life coaching and therapy. The goal is to provide the client with the support, motivation and tools necessary to get on with their life after a divorce. Pescosolido and Brosh are so confident that their Divorce Detox works as advertised, they actually guarantee it will be effective.

The Divorce Detox literature clearly states that “We guarantee that our workshops will help you detox from the past and create the foundation for a happy, fulfilling life.” If a client has completed the program and they still feel they were not “provided with exceptional value” they are entitled to a full refund. Clients have 14 days upon completion of the Divorce Detox program to provide a written request detailing the ways in which they were not exceptionally satisfied.

Divorce Detox offers coed workshops as well as separate groups for men and women depending on client preference. Program fees vary according to the classes and components chosen and in many cases insurance will cover some, if not all of the cost. All Divorce Detox groups are confidential and are designed to help both men and women see divorce as an opportunity instead of a tragedy. One could even say that the Divorce Detox method of helping people create a fulfilling life after divorce is almost like having a guaranteed cure for a broken heart.


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