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On 6/22 our divorce was dismissed due to the fact that my husband did not produce his paperwork on his business – is this something that you are familiar with?

New Jersey


It sounds like this may not be the full story. If someone does not produce documents after a legal request was served on them, the party who requested the documents then goes to court and gets an “order to compel the production of documents.” It is customary to ask for sanctions when filing the motion to compel. (The sanctions are usually the cost of filing the motion to compel and the attorney fees associated with that.) A court would not dismiss a case simply because someone did not produce documents–that is not a requirement to get a divorce. Failure to move the case along in a timely manner is probably why the case was dismissed. Of course, you can simply re-file the divorce action. This would not be that uncommon considering that many couples frequently file for divorce, reconcile, and then split again. – The Divorce.com Team

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