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Aug 8, 2012 by

Going through a divorce in a modern western country today is usually not a time when most people want to think about having a big celebration. Terminating a multi-year marriage can be an emotionally and financially exhausting experience for most people. However, the Times of India, reporting on event trends on the island nation of New Zealand, recently noted that an increasing number of Kiwi women are now holding separation or divorce parties that transform the end of their relationship into a celebration of sorts. An article in the Times quoted an event organizer in New Zealand as saying that women on the more urban North Island have been booking divorce bashes for a while and that the trend is now gaining popularity on the South Island too.

Instead of getting depressed abut the end of their marriages, the women in New Zealand are turning their frowns upside down to mark becoming single again. Even if they aren’t booking time at commercial venues, they are throwing wild bashes in their homes and backyards complete with food, drink, decorations and male strippers. With or without the strippers, throwing a party is certainly better than throwing a fit, and getting together with friends and relatives to celebrate is probably a good mental health practice for those recently divorced.

The Times article made no mention of the habits of recently divorce men in New Zealand, but it does bring to mind one inevitable question; If the Kiwi women are having such a good time with their divorces, what are the Kiwi men doing?


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