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Divorce Forms - Divorce Document Writing ImageThe amount of paperwork required to complete a divorce these days can make the experience seem more like a clerical task than a legal one. At every step along the way there are various divorce forms, affidavits and legal documents that need your attention. The divorce papers start coming your way as soon as you begin the divorce process and continue even after the deed is done. Needless to say, all of the documents in a divorce are necessary and important components of the entire divorce action and can’t really be ignored or put off. Many of those divorce forms involve financial statements and records and it is critical that all the financial paperwork in a divorce is completed accurately and in a timely manner. Organizing all your paperwork and divorce forms can make the whole process run more smoothly. Here are six tips for handling those financial divorce forms:

  1. Be sure to organize all bank statements, tax returns, and paycheck receipts in chronological order.
  2. All of your personal property will be easier to value for the court with original documentation like receipts or cancelled checks. Gather and organize them.
  3. Make sure the withholding taxes taken from your current paycheck are in line with what you really owe. If you do not have enough taxes taken out of your paycheck it could cause future alimony and child support payments to be calculated incorrectly.
  4. Financial disclosure forms in a divorce require an accurate picture of your budget. Keep a written record of all of your monthly expenses and don’t leave anything out.
  5. Don’t clean out the bank account and go on a spending spree during the divorce. If the judge finds that you purposefully exceeded ordinary and necessary living expenses it will not go well in divorce court and you may be penalized.
  6. If your level of income has recently changed, you will need to gather the documents necessary to prove it.

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