Divorce Harvest

Aug 8, 2012 by

California voters are drawing close to the November ballot in that state which will decide the matter of Proposition 19, which seeks to control and regulate the adult use of marijuana. There have been vocal proponents on both sides of the issue with supporters saying cannabis should be regulated, legalized and lawfully permitted. Critics on the other side say that marijuana is a psychoactive substance and the state risks increased health and social costs resulting from increased use. By now most people are familiar with the arguments.

However a new take on the situation recently appeared courtesy of the Drug Free America Foundation that says legalizing marijuana use would lead society down the same path that tobacco and alcohol have taken us.  The Foundation maintains that taxing marijuana will not solve California’s current financial woes because there is no way to regulate it, and the result would be very little revenue for the government.

The position taken by the Foundation may, or may be not be accurate however, its claims of societal destruction do begin to sound a bit far-fetched when Calvina Fay, the executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation, recently stated in the Christian Science Monitor that an increase in the number of divorces in California would also be a result of legalizing marijuana. That is one particular divorce fact we have never heard before. Ms. Fay said “Legalization would also create an influx in drugged-driving fatalities, more deteriorated neighborhoods, more divorce, more domestic violence, more child abuse, and more addiction!”

That is certainly a lot of doom and gloom surrounding one plant. Despite the Foundation’s objections and many years of prohibition at the federal level, the marijuana question is something the Golden State will soon be deciding during the Fall elections. Whether or not marijuana use actually causes more divorces remains to be seen however.


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