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When a divorce becomes imminent many couples choose to hire a divorce lawyer to do much of the work, but it can still be an exhausting and expensive ordeal. A contested divorce in court can also take quite a bit of time to resolve. Your family can be impacted in unpredictable ways and there is no guarantee things will go in your favor once you’re actually in court. There is a lower cost alternative available if you consider using the services of a divorce mediator as an alternative to using a divorce attorney in court.

Divorce mediation can be a good alternative to an attorney who could cost $1000 for an initial consultation and most certainly hundreds of dollars an hour after that. The services of a professional divorce mediator can be split by both spouses and rarely exceed a few thousand dollars for an entire divorce case. Mediation can be halted at any time, and if the results are not satisfactory, a couple can always go back to court with their divorce.

In addition to the benefits of lower cost and convenience, the main role of a mediator is to help couples get over their disagreements and help speed up the entire divorce process with the least hassle possible. This means a mediator will help facilitate a divorce to achieve the best result possible for both parties. Mediators work on a personal basis, and try to make sure the break-up is resolved smoothly. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible on everyone involved, including any children that may be involved.

A divorce mediator can also help with the legal work of a divorce, especially if you are preparing online divorce documents by yourself. Many mediators are also attorneys and can complete and file the legal papers for both parties. Mediators won’t make decisions for a couple, but they will help both parties make their own decisions based on the information provided about their particular situation. Agreements between both parties allow the spouses to control the terms and conditions of a settlement instead of those terms being mandated by a judge in court. Successful divorce mediation encourages compromise and the mutual resolution of agreements that create satisfactory results for both sides.

Divorce mediators are typically licensed, registered professionals but some are non-licensed as professional mediation is not yet recognized in all states. In many cases, family and mental health professionals working along with attorneys serve as divorce mediators since successful mediation requires multiple skills in counseling, family law and children’s support issues. Good divorce mediation will help spouses make realistic decisions to reach the best solution to their divorce. The most important result of divorce mediation is that a couple moves forward toward a future that is better for both.


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