Divorce in Missouri

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I have been married for 19 years. 10 years of that was in atlanta Ga. which I considerd good but, after moving back to our home town in st. louis,Mo, things went downhill. for one I was recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and have not worked for 15 months. I am on a set income through disability. My wife has a serious gambling habit which started when we moved back to stl. her family and friends are aware of this problem and she will not get help. on top of this she was traveling with her job for the last 7 years. which didnt help the marrage at all. The final incedent was when she went on the road traveling with a bunch of men. doing something totally different from the work that she was doing ( and told me that she was cheating on me and to get over it )



Although you didn’t say what your specific question is, it does seem you’ve got a problem on your hands. If your wife is openly cheating on you, gambling and otherwise making your life miserable, it is probably time to get a divorce. In Missouri the only grounds you need to state to the court in order to get a divorce is that the marriage is irretrievably broken – which it obviously is. Since you’ve been married for 19 years and your wife doesn’t sound too cooperative, you might want to contact an attorney in the St. Louis area to make sure your interests are protected. – The Divorce.com Team Wendy Jaffe and Divorce.com can only provide general information about divorce. DO NOT RELY ON MS. JAFFE’S ADVICE ALONE. Before acting on information provided by Ms. Jaffe or by Divorce.com, talk to an attorney first about your particular facts and the law of your state. By submitting your question to Divorce.com, you are not creating an attorney/client relationship with Ms. Jaffe or with any of the other attorneys listed on this site. marriage is irretrievably broken, or one of the parties has so stated and the other has not denied it.

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