Divorce Parties

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Although there are people who cannot look at a divorce as a celebratory event, more people are now celebrating their new single status with full-blown divorce parties.

There has been a slow rise of a trend here in the U.S. where recently divorced people, mostly women, are beginning to celebrate their newly found single status with full-blown divorce parties. Instead of going into a period of isolation and loneliness after the break-up of a married relationship, many people are finding a new way to put an exclamation point on the termination of their marriages with what some are calling “unbridled showers.” These celebratory events usually take place just weeks after a divorce, although there are no real rules of etiquette to follow with this trend and a divorce party can be thrown just about any time after a divorce is finalized, with some taking place well over a year after a judge has issued the final decree.

Although a recently divorced person’s family and close friends who were probably present at their wedding might think that a new divorcee will need some personal time, space and privacy following the termination of a marriage, these unbridled showers have been on the rise over the last decade, and are now beginning to become far more common than they once were, particularly in the nation’s larger urban centers like New York City and Los Angeles where new trends find a foothold faster than they might have been able to out in the sparsely populated prairies of the Mid West and other more rural parts on the country. Some suddenly single people are even combining New Year’s Eve parties with their divorce celebrations as a way to get their priorities lined up and start out a new year with a new attitude to match. The concept behind these “new year – new life” parties is partly due to the fact that since January is already National Divorce Month, because the first month of any new year is also the time when more divorces occur than at any other time of the year, it can also be a good time to celebrate getting rid of a worn out relationship and starting out fresh with a bang.

The trend is not just confined to the larger urban centers in the U.S. though, as a few companies in the UK are now offering divorce registries as the equal and opposite component to the more traditional and familiar wedding registries. Some enterprising party planners in the UK are also promoting the availability of “Free at Last” fireworks displays to enhance these celebratory events as well. Far from hiding out at home and being depressed over the breakup of a marriage, recently divorced people are proudly proclaiming their new single status by wearing buttons that say “Kiss Me! I’m a Proud Divorcee” on them. The trend has caught the attention of psychologists too, with some saying that a divorce is a big event that would benefit from some sort of socially accepted ritual behaviors just like a wedding or birthday bash deserves. As a result, the new post-divorce celebration events can include just about any type of milestone marking behaviors that can range from going on a tropical vacation alone to hosting intimate gatherings of close friends at restaurants and hotels, and everything in between as well. Although there will always be some people who feel the need to mourn the end of a marriage and many are simply unable to look at a divorce as any kind of a celebratory event, the number of people who do want to celebrate being single again is definitely on the rise today.

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