Divorce in Stages

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There are usually specific areas of a relationship or family situation that occur leading up to a divorce. Some of the most recognizable sources of marital discord leading to a divorce or separation can include:

* Children and other relatives in the home such as in-laws, step-children and grandparents can be sources of problems that can grow worse over time.
* Sexual problems in the marriage like attraction, frequency and quality can drive a wedge into a marriage.
* Financial problems will always have a huge effect on a marriage.
* Well-meaning single friends can actually be a big source of discord in a marriage relationship.
* Unrealistic expectations placed on either spouse will cause ongoing dissatisfaction that will only get worse.

If these problems go unchecked the probability of divorce will increase. If a divorce is inevitable, there are several ways a couple can utilize to minimize their time in court and perhaps work out some agreements on their own. Alternative methods of divorce like mediation and collaborative law can be good choices too because they can foster compromise. Some of the ways a couple can reduce the hassle and cost of divorce include:

* Reduce hourly legal costs by meeting with a financial counselors and marriage therapists separate from any work your lawyers might be performing.
* Consider continued co-ownership of a house depending on market conditions.
* Try to include any ongoing insurance costs as part of the divorce negotiations.
* Remember that any information provided to apply for a loan or credit card can be used in a divorce proceeding.
* Consider a temporary financial agreement to address interim money issues if a divorce takes a long time to complete.

If everything goes wrong and your divorce becomes a bitterly contested battle it can bring out the worst in both spouses. If you are facing an imminent, but less-than-amicable break-up, there are a few things you can do to protect your interests including:

* If you change your address make sure your creditors know about it so your credit isn’t destroyed during the divorce.
* Run your own credit report and give it to your lawyer so he can work on the disposition of assets and debts.
* It can never hurt to close any joint bank accounts to prevent revenge spending or worse.
* Protect your privacy and change the personal PIN numbers and passwords for every aspect of your life.
* Ask your credit accounts to notify you if any payments are not received on time to protect your credit rating.


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