Divorce Statistics – Pieces of the Puzzle

Aug 8, 2012 by

Some have said “The happiest time in anyone’s life is after their divorce.” Are all long-lasting love stories disappearing? Only to become a movie you can rent on a Friday night? The recently announced 2008 divorce rates show that American’s are choosing the route of long-term separation rather than putting the time into making a long-term commitments successful.

With only 11 out of our 50 states having divorce rate less than 10%, it is enough to make one think that if you’re not married now, count your blessings because you may soon be one of the statistics. North Dakota, a state with only 9.3 people per square mile, has the lowest divorce rate in the nation at 8.1 per 1000 people. Perhaps the ND divorce rate is so low because of the amount of space everyone has to live in. Outside influences such as neighbors and friends can influence your family life, and without having to live so close to one another such as in North Dakota, this may be why they are able to stay in their marriage longer than other couples in the US. New Jersey, came in second for lowest divorce rates at 8.2, New York follows with a divorce rate of 8.4. Both states have an abundant amount of people who live right on top of their neighbors.
The top divorce rate honors go to the state of Nevada, with an astounding 14.2% of married couples ending their relationships in divorce. As millions of people descend upon the city known for its abundance of adult sized fun, the relationships usually last until the hang-over has passed and only then, will reality set in. You also have to keep in mind that the state has had a 30% increase in residents from 2000 to 2008. New residents moving into this fast paced city may hold some of the blame for the drastic lifestyle changes, and making prior commitments impossible.

Taking a look at the southern Bible Belt states, the numbers show the highest divorce rates in the US. Many people imagine all the preaching and teaching would build a better foundation for the couples who take the leap into marriage. It seems relationships are much like jigsaw puzzles, and if you lose just one piece the whole may never be complete again.


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