Divorce Still Morally OK

Aug 8, 2012 by

According to the results of the Gallup Poll’s annual Moral Acceptability poll completed on May 10, 2009, the moral views of most Americans have changed very little in the last year. The poll found that the morals of the nation might have shifted ever-so-slightly to the right, but that overall the average was still left of center. Questions on moral issues showed Americans are still generally supportive of traditionally liberal viewpoints.

The poll noted that most Americans still feel divorce is morally acceptable, but that extramarital affairs, polygamy, abortion and suicide are not. Divorce was rated as 70% morally acceptable last year and shifted down a bit to 62% acceptable this year. The death penalty, medical testing on animals and premarital sex also made it onto the morally acceptable list. Gambling and stem cell research are apparently morally permissible activities too. Cloning animals gained some supporters and cloning humans lost support. Using animal fur as clothing also became more acceptable, but only by 7%. Having children outside of marriage and gay or lesbian relationships both exhibited a near 50-50 split among respondents, making them the most morally debatable issues in the survey.

The Gallup Poll suggests the miniscule shift toward a more conservative viewpoint in several small areas of national morality was not large enough to change the country’s generally left-leaning overall stance on most moral issues today. The views of most Americans remain exactly as they were a year ago.

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