Divorce is Still Not Good for You

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Getting a divorce may be the remedy for a bad marriage, but it is never really a great experience in itself. It is better for everyone involved when a couple can remain together in a good marriage. However, as far fetched as it may sound, every now and then someone will put forth the proposition that divorce might actually be good for people. Such is the case in a recent article published in the UK Daily Mail that asks the question “Could divorce actually be good for you?”  

The Daily Mail piece cites some rather broad if vague, sources for their argument including the University of Texas, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, a “study” published by Swedish researchers, another “large study across 16 countries” and finally some good old “U.S. research.” Using these far-flung resources, the Daily Mail article is able to deliver statistics that show the effects of divorce on the health of men differs from the impacts on the health of women. None of the stats really back up the theory that divorce is actually good for you though. They may be interesting facts and figures, but they definitely do not prove that divorce is better than marriage. Statistics from the article include the following:

* Women are at greater risk for bad heart health after age 40 when levels of heart-protective estrogen are lower as evidenced by the 33% of divorced women with heart disease as compared to the 21% of married women with cardiovascular problems.

* The heart disease gap is narrower for men with 37% of divorced men affected compared to 31% of married men.

* Depression and alcoholism can affect all people, but divorced men drink far more alcohol than married couples and they require more treatment for it as well. As a result, divorced men were shown to be 10 times more likely to require psychiatric care than their married counterparts. Divorced women are only half as affected being five times more likely to need professional help.

* Despite the fact that divorced men spend less time with food and have poorer diets than divorced women, the men are more physically fit and pay more attention to their bodies.

* Divorced men and women both have three times the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s than married people do.
* Divorced men have ten times greater risk of death than married men the same age due to their tendency to engage in high-risk behaviors like drinking, smoking and sexual promiscuity.

After reading the statisics, it seems most of the numbers show what most people have known for a long time, divorce is not very good for you.


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