Divorce Terms – D

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DAMAGES –The financial damage caused by the actions of another person.

DEBTOR – A person who owes money.
DECREEThe final decision made by the judge on a divorce.
DEFAULT ORDER OR JUDGMENT – A judgment made solely on the petitioners complaints due to lack of presence of the respondent. 
DEFENDANT – The spouse (respondent) who defends against the lawsuit filed by the opposing spouse (petitioner).
DEFERRED ANNUITY A stream of income that will begin at some point in the future. 
DEFERRED COMPENSATION PACKAGE – Package that includes all retirement assets and savings that were acquired during the marriage.
DEPOSITION – The testimony that a witness takes under oath which is transferred into writing. Often used to question the opposing spouse in a divorce
DIRECT EXAMINATION – The direct questioning of a witness by an attorney. 
DIRECT PAYMENT – Payment paid directly to the parent who has custody of the child by the non- custodial parent. 
DISBARMENT – The seizing of an attorney’s license to practice law, usually due to certain or repeated infractions by that attorney. 
DISCOVERY – A set of procedures used to collect information that addresses the credibility of the opposing party. Also refers to the initial interview between an attorney and their client. 
DISCRETION OF THE COURT – A range of choice that is up to the judge to make decisions after the presentation of all evidence. 
DISMISS – The conclusion of the case without a final disposition. 
DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE – The legal ending of a marriage which returns each spouse to single status.
DIVORCEThe final ruling required to terminate a legitimate marriage legally.
DOCKET the courts calendar schedule.
DOCKET NUMBER – The number that the court assigns to each criminal and civil case. Used to keep track of and record all documents that are filed within a specific case.
DOWER – The wife’s legal right to inherit from her husband.

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