Divorce Terms – E

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EMANCIPATION – Typically when a child reaches 18 and they are no longer a minor, but rather a legal adult. 

ENCUMBERED – The restraints are placed on a property such as a mortgage or lien.
EQUITABLE DIVISION (DISTRIBUTION) – Dividing all property acquired by spouses during marriage so it can be split up accordingly during the divorce proceedings.
EQUITY – The total proceeds from the sale of a home or property after subtracting the fees of the real estate agent, and paying off the mortgage
EVIDENCE – All informational material including documents and testimony that is offered in court to prove or disprove allegations made by both sides in a proceeding.
EXHIBIT – An article of evidence presented in court.
EX – PARTE – Relief that is granted by the court due to of the lack or presence of the opposing party.
EXPECTANCY – The potential future proceeds from an estate. 
EXPERT WITNESS – Professionals used by the judge so he or she can help make a better decision. Professionals can include, Counselors, Evaluators, and Appraisers. 

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