Divorce Terms – F

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FAMILY COURTThe court which hold jurisdiction over divorce, child support and other similar issues. 

FATHER’S RIGHTS – Legal concepts and principles which promote the thought that custody decisions should not discriminate against the father. 
FAULT – BASED DIVORCE – The category of divorce that is granted if one member of the marriage is at fault for some kind of marital misconduct. 
FILE – To deliver a document to the clerk of the court personally so that said document can be incorporated in the official records of a case. 
FINAL JUDGMENT – The judgment of a matter as the result of a judge’s decision. Because of potential appeal, it is not final until a certain period of time has passed. 
FOREIGN ORDER – An order by the court that is issued by another county, state or nation that is outside the jurisdiction in which the custodial parent permanently resides. 
FOUNDATION – The actual evidence that must be presented in prior to asking certain questions or using documentary evidence on trial.

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