Divorce Terms – I

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IMPEACHMENT – Proving a witness lacks credibility due to conflicting evidence or inconsistent statements.

IN CAMERA – Usually occurs when a child gives testimony. Proceedings are held in the judge’s chambers without other participating parties present. 
INCOME AND EXPENSE DECLARATION – A form completed by the parents that is used to determine the amount of child support that will be paid. This document includes income, assets, expenses and liabilities.
INCORPORATION – The merging of two documents in civil law. An example of incorporation is the “the agreement” becomes part of the “Decree of divorce”.
INJUNCTION – A court order that is issued to deny someone of performing a certain act which would cause mental or physical harm on another individual.
INTANGIBLE ASSETS ““ Non-physical personal property including but not limited to, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and franchises.
INTANGIBLE VALUE ““ A value that cannot be attributed to any part of a someone’s physical property.
INTERLOCUTORY HEARING – A hearing in which a person asks for a court ruling or a pretrial. 
INTERROGATORIES – Questions asked to the opposing party in order to gain knowledge about the issues in the matrimonial proceedings. 
INVENTORY AND APPRAISEMENT – A formal listing of all of the properties owned by the divorce parties as well as a valuation for each.

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