Divorce Terms – M

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MAGISTRATE – Someone who performs many of the same things that a judge does, but is not allowed to issue a court order, rather only make suggestions. 
MAINTENANCE – Synonym for alimony of spousal support.
MARITAL PROPERTY – All property that is acquired by the spouses during the marriage. Usually does not include inheritance or property acquired before the marriage. 
MARITAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT Agreement signed and approved by both parties in a divorce pertaining their rights to property, custody and support. 
MEDIATIONDivorce procedure where the court is not involved, rather a third neutral party is there to assist in the divorce process.
MEDIATOR – Neutral third party in the mediation process.
MILITARY ALLOTMENT – Automatic deduction from the non-custodial parent’s military salary.
MISTRIAL –The termination of a trial because of an error that makes the trial invalid. 
MODIFICATION – Changing the terms of a certain order.
MOTION – a written or verbal request to the court for some form of action.
MOTION TO MODIFY –A request to the court to modify a previous order regarding child support, alimony, custody or other divorce related issues.

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