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PALIMONY – Support that is paid even if there was no legal marriage between the two parties. 

PARENS PATRIAE – Action where a state obtains jurisdiction over a minor residing within state borders. Used to help decide which state will assume jurisdiction in a custody case.
PARENTING CLASSES – Courses designed to help parents minimize the negative effects of divorce on their children.
PARTY – Refers to both the plaintiff and defendant in a legal procedure.
PATERNITY – Biological relationship between a father and child.
PERJURY – lying under oath.
PERSONAL JURISDICTION – The authority of the court to craft orders regarding individuals and have them enforced.
PERSONAL PROPERTY – Property not including real estate.
PETITION – Official title of the first document that is filed to begin the process of divorce.
PETITIONER – Party who initiates the divorce process by filing the petition.
PHYSICAL CUSTODYDescribes the parent with whom the child lives, can be either sole or joint custody. 
PLAINTIFF – Party who initiates the divorce by the filing of a divorce petition.
PLEADING – A written application requesting action by the court.
POSTNUPTIAL – A contract written between the husband and wife that sets forth their present and future rights in a future divorce.
PRECEDENT – Something that happened in the past that will influence how similar events will be viewed by the court in the future.
PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT – Contract signed by two people before the union of marriage. Contract outlines limitation on spouse’s property in the case of divorce.
PRIMARY CARETAKER – The parent who provides for the day to day care of a child.
PRIVILEGE – The right granted to a  spouse in order to make statements to a counselor that cannot be used as evidence.
PRO SE DIVORCE A divorce where each spouse chooses not to use a lawyer, rather represent themselves in court.
PURPOSE OF AN APPRAISAL – The estimation of value for a real property interest. 


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