Divorce Terms – R

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RANGE OF VALUE – The range that the final estimate of ones property value may fall into.

REAL PROPERTY – All benefits, interests, and rights that go with the ownership of physical real estate.
REBUTTAL – The presentation of evidence in response to an issue brought up by the opposing party.
RECIPROCITY – Cooperation betweens states and countries to establish and enforce child support. Laws made in each jurisdiction are enforced in other
jurisdictions regardless of the laws that are practiced there.
RECORDWhat the judge uses to make a decision about a case. All testimony and evidence presented in court is added to the record.
REGISTRY – The unit of the court which receives and disburses money, more specifically child support.
REHABILITATIVE ALIMONY ““ Temporary alimony provided in the hope that it will help a divorced spouse become financially self sufficient.
REIMBURSEMENT -An amount of money that is owed by the defendant to the government for welfare that was provided for the support of the child.
REMAND – Process of sending a case back to court to be retried because of an important mistake the judge made during the first trial. 
REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION – When one attorney requests the other side produce financial documents they feel are necessary to the case.
RESIDENCE – the place where a spouse lives.
RESPONDENT – the defendant in a divorce.
RESPONSE – Document filed by the respondent to respond to the complaint filed against him or her. 
RESTRAINING ORDER ““ A court order issued for one spouse to protect them against violent or illegal acts by the other spouse. The court order restricts the other person’s actions.
RETAINER –Initial fee paid to an attorney to work on a case.
RETAINER AGREEMENT – Written contract between lawyer and client detailing the responsibilities they owe to each other.
RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP – In the case of joint owners, this declares the right of one owner to receive the share of the others property once the other owner dies.
RURESA – Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, act that ensures cross state enforcement of support orders.

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