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SANCTIONS – Punishment ordered by the court.

SEPARATE MAINTENANCE – An action filed for a financial support system between two spouses whom do not reside together and are not currently seeking a divorce. 

SEPARATE PROPERTY – Property that was acquired by one spouse prior to the marriage, which in most states is not up for equal distribution in a divorce settlement. 
SEPARATION When spouses no longer live together in the same residence.
SEPARATION AGREEMENT – Agreement on support, child care and property occurring in the post-separation, pre- divorce period.
SERVICE OF PROCESS – The act of physically presenting the complaint or summons to the defendant or respondent. 
SET ASIDE – To annul, revoke, or cancel a past judgment made by the court.
SETOFF – The process of weighing each spouses debts against one another. 
SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTThe settlement agreement in a written form.
SEVERABILITY – The acknowledgment that once clause in a contract is independent from the others.
SOLE CUSTODYType of custody where one parent is given both legal and physical custody of the child. 
SPLIT CUSTODY – Custody in which both parents have the same amount of time with the child, in addition both parents are granted the right to make decisions regarding the child. 
SPOUSAL SUPPORT – The money that one spouse pays the other in installments or a lump sum, depending on a number of factors. 
SPOUSE – Wife or husband.
STIPULATION –  An agreement between the parties or counsel involved in a legal process.
SUBPOENA – A document that is served to someone that is not directly involved in the case, but is needed for their testimony regarding the case.
SUMMONS – A notification to the defendant that states that there has been an action filed against him or her.
SUPPORT- Payments made to assist with things such as food, housing, and clothing. 


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