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TAX INTERCEPT – Process by which a person in debt to child support’s federal and state income tax refunds are redirected to pay the support owed.

TEMPORARY CUSTODYThe non-custodial spouse’s right to have a specific amount of parenting time with their child. This can include overnights and extended stays.
TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER – A court order preventing a party from acting in a number of ways included but not limited to, harassing or physically abusing the other spouse and/ or children, withdrawing money from accounts, and the selling of personal property.
TESTIMONY – Statements in a hearing or deposition which are made under oath.
TRANSCRIPT – The written version of a deposition or a testimony.
TRANSITIONAL CHILDCARE – A program that allows welfare parents who discontinue AFDC because of employment to continue to receive subsidized childcare
assistance, typically for one year.
TRIALCourt hearing to preside over the disputed issues filed in the complaint. 

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