An App for Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

A Dallas lawyer and accountant have created a new iPhone application called “Divorce Cost and Prep” to calculate the cost of a divorce by tapping on the screen of your cell phone. Dallas Attorney Michelle O’Neill and Fort Worth CPA Bryan Rice, created the new iPhone app for divorcing couples to help assess the costs associated with the dissolution of a marriage. The pair said the divorce cost and prep app helps you estimate divorce expenses without having to go to an accountant or attorney to do the same thing.

“The apps we’re coming out with are really meant for the person going through the divorce, in terms of helping them understand the costs and understanding the types of documents that are needed,” said Bryan Rice. Rice is a $300-an-hour CPA, and knows very well that the incidental costs associated with a divorce can rack up quickly. “What if your attorney’s downtown and you have to pay $10 to park every time you have to go see him?” stated Rice. The new app created by O’Neill and Rice will cost far less than a lawyer or a CPA though, and several dozen copies have already been sold on iTunes at $4.99 each. Rice says the duo has plans to introduce two more divorce-related apps soon, one will be a property division calculator and the other a child custody scheduler.


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