Would like to divorce an uncooperative wife.

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My wife and I are not getting along. Shes very uncooperative. We’ve been married for 1 year now with a 7 month-old baby boy; no matter how much money I make – type of foods I buy -she doesn’t cook well- she’s exploitive, she can’t plan, or budget, etc. I think the best thing is a divorce or whatever advice I can get that will be the best for me to sort out this problem.

West Virginia


While we are not exactly sure what would be best for you in this instance, what might be best for your child is that both spouses started thinking about their obligations to him. Because your wife is unable to cook or budget may not be sufficient reason to get divorced. Perhaps you should try some marriage counseling before you throw in the towel. The state of West Virginia will most likely require you to take parenting classes before you can file for divorce if there is no immediate danger of harm or abuse in the marriage. If you could learn to get along with your spouse, it might be the best course of action here, especially for your child. – The Divorce.com Team

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