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Aug 8, 2012 by

The CNBC television network is set to cash in on the public’s fascination with the spectacle of divorce among the rich and famous. Well, maybe just the rich in this instance, as the new documentary scheduled to air at the end of March this year doesn’t really deal with celebrities, but does delve into the confidential world of multi-million dollar divorces.

According to network press releases, CNBC anchor Melissa Francis will report on the battles for “control, power, and revenge that come when couples become combatants,” and “reveal the secrets behind the money, the lies, the emotional pain, and the financial gain that happens when wealthy couples go from trusted allies to warring factions.”

The network says the newest CNBC Original show will explore the divorce battlefield and the latest techniques for winning the war as it follows several high-net worth break-ups. The documentary will also spotlight a new business model that will provide legal help and funding to the weaker side in divorce cases of the very rich (usually the wife) to level the playing field in court and earn a percentage of the final settlement. Whether or not the American public will get hooked on watching high-dollar train wreck divorces remains to be seen this Mach 20th.


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