Can I take the promotion even though my husband is against it?

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If we are thinking of divorce but have not acted on it, but I get a promotion to move out of state – can I take the promotion even though he is against it? (TX)



Let me see if I’ve got this right….you live in Texas, you are married, but not so happily and maybe considering a divorce. You’ve got a chance to take a promotion at work – but it means moving out of state and your husband is against it. Can you take the promotion and move? Yes, you can pretty much do anything you want as long as you are willing to live with the ramifications of your actions. Your husband cannot physically force you to stay in Texas (unless he wants to break the law). Situations like this are the reason divorces exist. Two adults who can no longer agree on their future together are perhaps best separated. Maybe you should look at it this way: what will be the likely outcome if you pass on the promotion and move and simply stay in your present situation? Would that be an outcome you could live with for any length of time? If you are already considering a divorce, why do you think passing up your opportunities for someone you aren’t really that committed to, will be an acceptable long term result? It sounds more like a recipe for ongoing resentment than a solution of any kind.

Divorce is a complicated matter and you need to take your time when deciding whether it is the right decision for you. Getting help to sort out your feelings and with legal and financial matters is the smart thing to do. Ending a marriage is difficult enough, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. – The Team

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